SYSlang Basics

Part 1: Setting up the CLI

haha powershell go brrr

Skip this part if you are not using Windows 10!

This part is for the users that are on Windows and have PowerShell (usually Windows 10).

Don’t worry if you don’t have Windows 10 or PowerShell, further along in this guide there’s a section for you!

Downloading & Installing the CLI (Windows 10/PowerShell)

This part is still a WIP, the download link to SYSlang’s CLI is still not available for the general public.

The installation process is simple enough, download the file, and open it. Once the installer opens, agree to the T&C’s and it will install itself.

This is where it gets a bit more complicated. Because of Windows 10 wanting to use PowerShell and it’s respective ISE from factory, you will have to manually go to settings and change the default from PowerShell to CMD.

Usually, this is done by going to settings, personalization and taskbar settings. From here there is a setting that says something like ‘Replace Command Prompt with PowerShell’. If that setting is enabled, you will have to disable it.

Skip this part if you are not using Linux

This part is for Linux users.

Downloading and Installing the CLI (Linux/Terminal)

There are two ways of downloading the CLI attributes for Linux: Via Download Link (currently unavailable) or as a lib via the Terminal. I won’t be explaining the latter.

Once the file is downloaded, right-click the downloaded file and go to ‘properties’. Once there, you need to allow execution as an app.

Then you can simply open the downloaded file, and it should open a Terminal window and print SYSlang CLI.

Skip this part if you are not using SYStemware

This part is for SYStemware users.

Downloading and Installing the CLI (SYStemware Codertop/Testtop)

There are two ways of using the CLI in SYStemware. One is selecting Codertop upon initiation. SYStemware will do the rest, no install required.

The other method is using the more day-to-day friendly Testtop. To install the CLI here, you can simply go to settings and select ‘Consoles’. Here you tick ‘Ware’s CLI’ and SYStemware will begin the download. The installation process is also automated, but after SYStemware v51.x a restart is required.

Part 2: Using the CLI

no, i’m not explaining how to double click the app

This part is dedicated for new SYSlang users. It will go over the very basics of the language.

Some requirements to understand before attempting anything:

Using the CLI on Windows

Open CMD as an Administartor. The easiest way to do this is to use Windows key + x (at the same time) and choose ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’.

Once CMD has opened, type ‘cd your default drive:\your user name\Documents\SYSl’ replacing “your default drive” with your default drive’s letter (such as C, ect) and “your user name” with your user name (the one you are currently logged in as would help).

Once you’ve sorted that, type “start.SYSl” to start SYSlang’s CLI on Windows.

Using the CLI on Linux

Open terminal. Type “start.SYSl”. It opens in a new terminal window. Wow….

Note: you can’t close the first Terminal

Using the CLI on SYStemware

Protip: use SYStemware’s Codertop for a faster experience.

On SYStemware’s Testtop, open CLI in the Shortcuts menu.

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