Making A GUI - The Base

ngl i dont wanna write this

So, you made a login form. Great, now try this: making a GUI.

idek y but one of these things needs binary files bruh wth…

Don’t worry tho, the SBF (SYSlang Binary File) works on all GUIs, so just download the loaf and use that. seriously.

Part 1: Setting up monitor, to not make pc go boom pls

Simple enough; make an entry.SYSl file, and start writing.

This is all the code you need:

require monitor;
//example code hiring here
//sorry, I meant example code here

yes, comments in SYSlang are double slashes

Part 2: Adding our other essentials.

Next, you will want to import your other essentials, such as the test_V lib.

Although test V is mainly a community managed library, it has many essential folders which are locked and cannot be edited. One of these impressive folders is GUIs; the folder that contains all the essentials for making and using GUIs. We will enter that folder also.

require monitor;

lang-imp test_V;

from test_V enter GUIs;

*leaving a line between each line of code is not necessary, but I like to separate my code.

Part 3: Beating the ex-es.

Now that we have entered the GUIs folder, we can use ex.

ex is a GUI-only command, that disables other elements that can interfere or cause interferences with our GUI.

There is a long list of apps and services that can interfere or cause an interference with your GUI when running a VM on SYStemware, so look into that here

To disable any of these, use ex.disable.'app here' or ex.disable.d.'app service initial'.'app name' (some app services have two service initials)

Part 4: Google Translate

(I will change this name when I find a funnier joke)

Next we will need some translators. There aren’t a whole lot of these at the minute, but for now we have C (C), JavaScript (JS), C# (C#), C++ (CPP), Ruby (Ruby), Python (Py), Java (Java) and Lua (LUA). You can add any of these you wish, but you may aswell add all of them, as they are all 1 Mib files (Lua is actually 0.97 Mib), and therefore won’t even affect the performance, installation time, or boot time.

Simply add a for translators(){} method.

require monitor;

lang-imp test_V;

from test_V enter GUIs;

for translators(C, JS, C#, CPP, Ruby, Py, Java, LUA){
    dl(from('') enter all).to('A:/')

And now you have a simple GUI in nogui that can understand any of the languages in the for translators(){} method. Oh, by the way, this thing won’t even launch, you will need to finish all of these GUI tutorials to get it to launch correctly.


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