Hello World in SYSlang

huh, y so long?

This section is once again for the very new users of SYSl

Welcome to the first tutorial on this site.

In this tutorial you’ll learn:

Before you start:

This tutorial is designed for new users using SYStemware’s Coderttop, or SYSlang’s CLI on Windows/Linux.

Part 1: Making the new save file

To make a new file (and to overwrite it in the near future) type savefile and type the name afterwards. By default Script’s will be saved in the same folder as the CLI is in.

To save the open file as a new file, use savefile.new() and type the new name in the brackets.

Part 2: Writing the new file out

Once you have successfully saved the file, to start typing code inside use editscript() and type the file name in the brackets.

While here on CMD or Terminal in Windows or Linux, there will be no auto corrector or code checker.

Start typing your code, here is a nice example to get a basic hello world written on the screen:

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