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Part 1: Setting up WSL

haha linux go brrr


This section is for the users that are on windows and don’t have WSL (Windows Subsytem for Linux). Don’t worry if you don’t know what Linux or WSL is, you’ll learn about that in this chapter and some basics along with it.

Part 1: What is Linux?

Linux is an kernel that is often paired with GNU software to create an Operating system (known as GNU/Linux, but I’ll just refer to it as Linux). Many people use Linux, even people like NASA. It’s popular because of its open source code, customizability, privacy, and more. For this guide we’ll be using one of the most popular distros (operating systems using GNU/Linux), Ubuntu.

Part 2: How do I get Ubuntu?

Using Ubuntu with windows is easy. We could get a virtual machine, but assuming you don’t know a thing about Linux (and to speed things up), we will use WSL (windows subsytem for Linux), which allows us to use the Ubuntu Terminal with Windows. The Simplest method is as follows:

You can easily lauch it from the start menu.

Step 3: What do I do now?

Here are some easy commands to help you get started for the next tutorial.

ls              <- List all the files/folders in a directory
cd              <- Enter a folder
nano [FILENAME] <- Edit a file/create a file (you can use other editors if you want)
rm              <- Remove a file
sudo [COMMAND]  <- Run a command as admin

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