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Part 2: Setting up VitaSDK


Part 1: What is VitaSDK?

Exactly what you think it is, an SDK (software development kit) for creating homebrew on the vita.

Part 2: How do I get it?

Follow the steps at

However, if you still somehow don’t get what to do, Here is a detailed guide below.

1.Inside of your Linux terminal (or WSL), type in apt-get install make git-core cmake python This will install Python to Ubuntu, allowing you to run the VitaSDK install script

2.Run nano .bashrc on your terminal. If you have trouble opening it, google a guide on opening this file.

3.Scroll to the bottom of the whole text (make sure to not delete anything!) and once you reach the end, paste in the following:

export VITASDK=/usr/local/vitasdk
export PATH=$VITASDK/bin:$PATH # add vitasdk tool to $PATH

4.Press Ctrl+S and Ctrl+X

5.Run the following commands in order:

git clone
cd vdpm

This will clone the VitaSDK Installation scripts (vdpm) onto your computer and run them.

After the lengthy install, you will have sucessfully installed VitaSDK!

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