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Part 3: Building an App

help i cant make a hello world

Part 1: How do I even make a program?

Linux uses Makefiles to configure build projects. This contain information like what compiler to use, what libraries to compile with and what the Apps name will even be!

Optional: Can I use C++?

Of course! Refer to this guide.

Part 2: How do I get started?

We can clone xerpi’s LibVita2D example for a base Makefile and very basic app to get started with. Run the following commands to download and build it!

git clone
cd libvita2d
cd sample

Thats it! There should be a .VPK in the same directory!

You can snoop around in the soruce code to get an idea of how the program works.

The next chapter will dicuss how to actually write code and learn what all these commands mean.

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